Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New GSN Slogan coming this Sonday!

My fynall entry for spring07.

GSN will release a brand new logo, And new slogan Get in the game.

Full story from:

Be prepared for some pretty major changes on GSN starting April 22nd. GSN will be refreshing their look and brand as they unveil new graphics, music, look, and feel. The updated logo featured to the right, developed by CA Square, will be used along with GSN’s new motto “Get in the Game”. The campaign includes the addition of lively bold new colors to its core palette, a new call-to-action tagline “Get In The Game” and a diverse group of real “contestants” as well as GSN hosts, personifying the various emotions evoked by GSN’s programming.Dena Kaplan, GSN’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, spearheaded the company’s re-fresh efforts to illustrate the network’s continuing expansion into all types of competition programming and the breadth of emotions people feel about games and competition. “We’re taking a very fresh approach with the new network packaging and promotion,” said Kaplan. We will feature real people and their emotional journeys when playing various games and competitions. We believe this breakout creative will help deepen viewer’s emotional connection with the brand.”
This is my last entry for spring07.

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